Tahran cad. 4/13 Kavaklıdere - ANKARA


1. DENTAL CARİES.Certain oral bacteria feed on food particles trapped in your mouth and produce acid that over time can eat through the protective tooth enamel into the sensitive dentin below.                                

2. ENAMEL EROSİON. Acids in your diet and gastric acid reflux can wear away your enamel.                             

3. GUM RECESİON.Gums can recede over time exposing the sensitive tooth roots.                                          

4. LOOSE,OLD OR LOST FİLLİNG.Fillings seal off areas of past decay.İf they don’t fit right or are disloget air,food particles and bacteria can infiltrate and iritate exposed nerv endings.                                                     

5. PERİODONTAL DİSEASE.This is an infection of the tissues that support the teeth caused by a build up of bacterial biofilm along the gum line that triggers inflamation