Tahran cad. 4/13 Kavaklıdere - ANKARA


General Practioner

Dr. Demet Horoz has born 1989 in Antakya. She graduated 2013 from Ege University Dental school.

She has start working in Detal Estetik Center 2013 after her graduation. She took several classes in Belgium about composite for cosmetic dentistry.she  invited Tv shows for tooth sensitivity and as a general  practioner for oral health.

  • Possess two years of professional experience as a Dentist
  • Extensive knowledge of medical tools and equipment used in dental treatments
  • Have excellent command over written and verbal communication
  • In-depth knowledge of examining x-rays, teeth straightening and filling cavities
  • Ability to perform dental surgical procedures like replacing missing teeth
  • In-depth knowledge of various preventive measures on teeth related diseases
  • Familiar with Microsoft Word, Excel and the Internet
  • Ability to provide effective oral hygiene techniques
  • Ability to perform dental surgeries effectively and efficiently
  • Assigned the tasks of providing preventive and suitable treatments for mouth and teeth problems
  • Responsible for providing dental care services to patients with the help of National Health Service
  • Educated patients regarding teeth and mouth care
  • Handled the tasks of maintaining patient's dental related records
  • Assisted Dental Specialist in recruiting dental care staff
  • Assigned the tasks of using tools to examine X-rays and teeth condition
  • Successfully treated gum diseases and restored affected teeth
  • Participated in dental care education and prevention programs
  • Coordinated the daily activities of dental technical and support staff
  • Responsible for developing dental care awareness programs
  • Handled the responsibilities of assisting senior dentist in performing dental implant procedures
  • Assigned the tasks of preparing necessary equipment for dental implants
  • Responsible for performing dental X-Rays and teeth cleaning procedures
  • Handled the tasks of preparing kit for patients to help them out in continual dental care
  • Assigned the tasks of performing dental procedures that ranges from tooth implanting to tooth whitening
  • Responsible for carrying out teeth cleaning procedures
  • Handled the tasks of maintaining and evaluating the record of patients in the hospital
  • Performed non-surgical extractions, surgical extractions, dental restorative cleanings and crown lengthening surgeries
  • Performed other tasks under the instructions of Senior Dentist