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No or minimal preparation veneers associated with enamel preservation offer predictable results in esthetic dentistry,indirect additive anterior composite restauration represent a quick ,minimally invasive,inexpensive and repairable option for a smile enhancement tratment plan.New ceramic and composite materials have increased conservative treatments of compromised anterior teeth.  

Veneers are created for patients on a multitude of needs. They may be required to esthetically correct  misaligment, form,color and spacing issues of anterior teeth. They may also be necessary to restore carious lession.                                                                                                                                                    

With the direct method the restorative material must be placed and completed in one appointment.                  

Direct composite veneers are one option for veneering teeth and for  more than 60 years the science and application of composite resin has progressed into a high level service demonstrating excellent results especially in vital teeth.                                                                                                                                            

The reasons for choosing this treatment method can be many and varied.They includ correction for esthetic concerns;attrition and erosion; abfraction;fractures; caries;diastemas; restoring proximal contact ;occlusal discrepancies,the desire for a minimally invasive approach and the financial limitation of the patient.