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First Examination In Dental Esthetics

First Examination In Dental Esthetics
According to a research, which is done on patients applied to a clinic by Wilhelm Zech (American Collega Prostdont 2004), demand of people as a percentage:
Whiter Teeth %85
Changing the shape of teeth
Changing length of teeth structure
We will make esthetical teeth for our patient but which criteria we are going to use while we are giving this service? This is very important question for the dentist. There were some analyses in the past about men and women teeth. However, according to Dr. Antania Bello, those analyses expired in our day. Now we understand that it is not possible to identify someone’s gender from the view of teeth. Before esthetical dental treatment it is important to look at person’s face and facial tissue.
How is gum tissue?
Is it visible during smiling or not?
Is the lip tissue thick or thin? What is the standard lip thickness?
 Where is the line coming from between two pupils passing? Where is the line from end of the teeth passing? Are they parallel?
How are triangles on the contact points, which are at the end of teeth? Are they coherent with each other? Is the midline of the face coherent with midline of teeth?
When teeth are wanted to reveal, are they visible?
To sum up, how is facial esthetic? All those analyses should be done.
What is The Concept Of Beauty?
It is important that the doctor and patient agreed on answer of this question, but the more important thing is that the doctor should understand patient’s idea about the concept of beauty. Belonging to somewhere can bring standardization to patient and this can cause stereotyped concept of beauty on patient’s mind. Whereas in today’s world, a beautiful smile is esthetic. In order to understand and evaluate a person’s idea on concept of esthetic, we should ask those questions:
Age and gender
Social conditions
Economical conditions
Psychological situation
Sometimes psychological conditions can even dominate all other conditions.
In the past centuries, people were painting their teeth into black. This was showing their social statue. Today, white even whiter than white teeth are the symbol of social statue. Of course the most important development was invention of laminates. In 1927, Esthetical Council in California accepted laminate veneers as a usable treatment method, so white and straight teeth were not a dream anymore. Material, in other words how we will treat the teeth became the most important element in smile design. 

Artistic Skills and Point Of View Of The Doctor
Everyone is aware of that beauty and esthetics have limits and control shouldn’t be lost. In practice, doctor’s artistic skills and point of view are based on anatomy. Knowing anatomy well is important to choose right material and the method, because the tooth that we will make will be functional. The doctor should be intertwined with art to see and perceive the color and to use optic illusions. Play of light and shadow that Michelangelo used in his painting called “Sistine Chapel”, also can be used in esthetical dentistry. Inside of the mouth should be watched so well to apply those shadow and light plays. Color and shape of the teeth should be understood properly. If the tooth has convex structure, we can see shape of tooth and its relation with contact tissue. Anatomy of teeth is very important. People can see characteristic of their teeth but most of them can understand them by doctor’s explanation. That’s why patient’s perception should be strong, so patient should be able to understand doctor.

Analyzing The Tooth Anatomy
Yamamoto M. Miyashi Y told that view of the tooth is a illusion. Color, translucency, thickness, shape and location of the tooth form that illusion. How make up can show the eye bigger or smaller is same for the teeth. Characteristics of surrounding tissues specify characteristic of teeth. 
Cosmetic Countering
Shape of the side surfaces of teeth, development lines
In length and breadth lines
Concavity and convexities
Changes depend on aging, changes on cheeks and lips. Sometimes changes on the even nose are so important especially for toothless patients. Seeing old original structure is necessary. Wedding photos are really helpful for that.
All around the world, cooperation of esthetic dentistry and other branches of esthetic is really helpful and important. Esthetics should be seen as a whole.