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HOW OFTEN SHOULD YOU REPLACE YOUR TOOTH BRUSH?                                                                          

Most of the dentist recommends that you replace your tooth brush every 3 months.                                                  

Fırst of all you should  know that in one tooth brush can be found million of germs and bacteria. Recent studies found that your tooth brush culd be a breeding ground for tiny microorganism.                                    

Replacing your tooth brushers more often than 3-4 months may decrease the number of bacteria to which patients are exposed.                                                                 Change your toothbrush everytime you get sick.                                                                                                                                          

Rising with an antibacterial mouthrinse before brushing may prevent or decrease rapidly bacteria build up on toothbrushers.                                                                         İt is important afetr using the toothbrusher to rinse it top watter and then let it air dry.                                      

HOW TO CHOOSE THE RİGHT TOOTHBRUSH?                                                                                              

You should use a toothbrush with a head that allows you easily acces all areas of your  mouth.                        

Choose a toothbrush with a soft nylon bristles medium or hard may demage your tooth enamel.