Tahran cad. 4/13 Kavaklıdere - ANKARA



Hygienic Measures

Sterilization has the first level importance in our clinic for safety of our patients and employees. Each member of our team got the education about all stages of infection control.

Continuous Development

We always follow novelties for our dental treatment services and products. We always believe lifelong education principle.

Our Responsibilities for Environment

We practice protective treatment and use amalgam fillings with the awareness of our responsibility for environment and human health. All substances we use for dental treatment and sterilization are FDA approved.

Our Employees

Our most important source is employees. Our employees and doctors are patient satisfaction -oriented. Because of this reason we guarantee to continuously develop our system.

Preventive Care and Practices

Dental health protection of your and next generations are of utmost importance for us. Therefore, we present preventive care services from childhood and adulthood.