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Porcelain laminates are wafer thin shellsmade out of  dental ceramic that are bonded onto the front side of teeth.

They are generally about 5-6 mm thick. That’s about 1/2 the thickness of a dime or twice the thickness of a egg shell. The primary function of veneers is improving the appearance of teeth.Porcelain laminates are routinely used to make color,shape and position adjustments. For teeth that are discolored,worn,chipped,malformed,have spaces between them or are slightly misaligned as well as those that have any combination of there problems can all be improved.

Treatment time:Two office visits

The teeth will be prepared and an impresion made on first visit which can take form one to four hours.
The laminates will be fitted and inserted at the second visit which may take the same amount of time. Expect to spend more time for more extensive treatment.


*Less chiping than with bonded restaurations
*Etcheed porcelain provides an extremely good bond to enamel
*wears less than the composite resin laminates
*Less stain-does not lose color or luster
*Can make more proportional results because they are constructed in lab.
*Lasts four to twelve years as comapred to plastic (three to ten years)
*Gum tissue tolerates porcelain well
*No anesthetic usually required


*More costly than conventional bonding
*More dificult to repair if the laminets cracks or chips
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