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Implant treatment has become the best treatment method for edentulous patients. For this reason, whether there is a relationship between implants and oral cancer is a subject of research and there is no proven research on this subject yet.

Implant treatments have increased their success to 98% with today’s developing technology. This success is in implants made in patients with a strong general systemic structure. For this reason, it is a necessity for the doctor to evaluate the general systematic condition of the patient while making the indication for implant treatment, and to inform the patient and teach oral care both before and after the implant.

Titanium is a tissue-friendly material. Its allergy-causing properties are almost non-existent. And the statement of TUBITAK MAM Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Institute is that “titanium dental implants can be used safely”. In the statement made by the Institute, titanium is the most commonly used material in titanium implant construction due to the strength, lightness and non-toxicity of titanium, as well as its biocompatibility and bone integration.

The anaesthesia used for filling during the implant operation is extremely sufficient to numb that area. The drills we use for filling are diamonds and enamel is 10 times harder than bone. While our patient does not feel any pain with the anaesthesia applied during filling, it is not possible to feel pain in the implant. Generally, our patients realise that their fears are unfounded after the operation. Because they always think that the implant will be nailed to the jawbone. However, only a small slot is opened and the implant is placed in this slot. And the painkillers we take after the operation

Although it is possible to perform orthodontic treatment with methods for every individual from 7 to 70 with new developments in orthodontic treatment, it is ideal to perform this treatment between the ages of 9-14, that is, during the “rapid growth period”. If there is tooth crowding in the family, this process can be started earlier with regular controls, not waiting for the age of 9.

The traditional one is of course metal braces. However, today, with the development of digital measurements, transparent orthodontics, that is, transparent aligners, have caught up with the speed of metal braces. For this reason, dentists and patients can decide on this situation by evaluating price advantages and usage situations.

The only treatment for tooth decay is to clean the decay completely and fill it with a material similar to tooth tissue, which can be done with special devices and instruments. Only a dentist can perform this procedure.

Of course, there are ways and methods to prevent new caries. The first step is to change our eating habits, the second step is to pay enough attention to the teeth and gums and brush them regularly. The third step is to go to the dentist regularly. Regular dental check-up protects you from suddenly encountering large cavities.

If you have a persistent bad breath or a bad taste in your mouth, it can be a sign of decay. Of course, if your tooth hurts when you drink something hot or cold or consume a sugary food, tooth decay will be the cause of all this. If the decay is between two teeth, food residues getting stuck here is also a symptom of decay. Caries does not always appear black. Sometimes it may appear chalky white. In other words, tooth sensitivity, food getting stuck in that area and bad breath are symptoms of tooth decay.

As you say, teeth decay on the biting surfaces. This is usually the case in children. Because children’s teeth are spaced apart, this type of teeth can only decay from the chewing part. After the age of 12, teeth decay from the interfaces when the teeth begin to merge, that is, when contacts are formed. In other words, they decay from the interfaces additional to the chewing surface. Over time, especially after the age of 35, the gums begin to recede and the roots of the teeth are exposed and in this case root caries occurs. In other words, there is caries on the cheek surface of the tooth. In rare cases, caries may also occur on the parts of the tooth facing the tongue.

Most implant surgeries take less time than the preparation, i.e. 1-2 minutes for anaesthesia followed by 5 minutes for numbness and 5 minutes for the insertion of a single implant. It is possible to insert an implant in a total of 15 minutes. This time is standard when the implant is inserted into strong and sufficient bone. However, in cases where gingival tissue and bone tissue need to be increased, i.e. in cases where soft tissue transplantation is required or bone needs to be increased with bone powder, this time is prolonged. The prolonged period is not directly proportional to the pain. There is nothing to be afraid of. This increase in time is necessary for the implant to remain in the mouth for a long time.

After the implant treatment, just like the care of your natural teeth, regular tooth brushing as well as interface cleaning should be done as recommended by your doctor. Apart from this, regular dentist control is essential. The dentist checks the bone around the implant by taking x-rays. It looks for inflammation around the implant and checks the gingival health.

The most important control is the control of the height of the tooth, which is very important. In other words, other natural teeth show some wear, but the porcelain on the porcelain does not wear and remains higher than other teeth. This also damages the implant. In other words, regular dentist control every 6 months prolongs the life of the implant.

There may not always be enough bone in the bone we plan to implant. Then it is necessary to create bone in this area. Bone volume can be expanded with bone graft application or bone powder application procedures, which we call bone augmentation. The important thing here is that our patient strictly follows the rules to be considered in this process.

As the use of implants increases, implant brands are taking their place in the market day by day. It is not possible today to say which implant brand is the best. Many implant brands are now the best. Here, when we make our choice as a dentist, we take into account that both the surgical and prosthetic parts of an implant have good features and we prefer those that have been scientifically researched on the implant brand. Which implant brand is long-lasting, with which implant do our patients feel comfortable? We can learn all these by following scientific researches. In other words, there should be a scientific structure behind an implant brand.

If the bone tissue remaining after tooth extraction is such that it grasps the lower 1/3 of the implant, the implant can usually be inserted as soon as the tooth is extracted. In order for the implant to be inserted, there should not be a dense inflammatory tissue in that area. Today, it is possible to disinfect the extraction site with ozone and laser therapy.

In order to close the mouth of the extraction wound; Blood tissue taken from the patient called PRF and not processed in a special centrifuge can be used.

After tooth extraction, the cotton tampon placed by your doctor on the extraction wound should be in that area for 20 minutes and tight tamponing should be done. Rinsing and gargling should never be done in that area. The extraction site should not be sucked even for control purposes. Despite paying attention to all these, it is normal to have bleeding in that area in the form of mild pain. Excessive bleeding may indicate a problem in blood values. There may be a problem in clotting actors or it may be caused by vitamin K deficiency.

If you have strictly followed the points to be considered after the extraction and if you have not used aspirin-style painkillers, if there is intense bleeding after the extraction, you should be systemically examined by a doctor. Because your bleeding cannot be stopped after a traffic accident or a major emergency surgery in the future.

Ice application is applied to the implant area for 3-5 minutes and rested for 8-10 minutes. Care should be taken as excessive application may cause ice burn. Ice application should be applied intensively for the first 24 hours and then for the next 24 hours for 2 days. Of course, this application may turn into a shorter application with the recommendation of your physician according to the number of implants inserted and the severity of the operation performed.

You can eat and drink 2 hours after tooth extraction. But avoid especially granular foods, such as rice pilaf or bulgur pilaf. Especially after the lower jaw tooth extraction, the use of granular food causes the extraction site to escape and this causes the wound to heal late.

You should never smoke. Especially a single cigarette should not be smoked for the first 24 hours. In addition, the arsenic in the cigarette causes the wound to heal late. At the same time, the negative pressure created during smoking dislodges the clot at the wound site. It causes delayed healing of the wound site and causes that area to remain pitted and food to escape to that area. One of the causes of inflammation of the wound site is this pit. In other words, it is essential to wait at least 1-2 days for smoking.

Oral care is very important for 48 hours after implant surgery. It is necessary to avoid movements that will cause pressure in the mouth and cause the suture to open. It is necessary to remove the saliva accumulated in the mouth as much as possible without absorbing the wound site.

It is necessary to brush the teeth from the first day, but this brushing movement should be as soft and slow as possible. In this period, the toothbrush should be chosen from the ‘SOFT’ ones or the area should be cleaned with a gauze pad.

If a wisdom tooth does not cause discomfort and does not harm other teeth where it is located, it does not necessarily have to be extracted.

Wisdom tooth can cause serious ear pain by pressing on the side teeth while it is erupting in the mouth. It is best to go to the dentist as soon as possible and get rid of that tooth. If the pain is at home at night, taking painkillers and applying ice to that area will relieve your pain, but if there is throbbing pain, this pain may be combined with another tooth. It should definitely be checked, which can be done by the dentist with a method we call panoramic film.

Bone resorption in the body and bone resorption in the mouth are different health problems. Although bone resorption in the body is at a high rate, there may be bone in the jaw, there is definitely bone in the front of the lower jaw. Moreover, individuals with osteoporosis are given plenty of walks in order to stop bone resorption by increasing blood circulation, implants increase the nutrition and blood circulation of that area by making a message to the jawbone during chewing, thus protecting the bone of that area.

It is the most preferred full ceramic veneer among aesthetic dentistry applications. E-Max veneers are all ceramic and allow the dental technician to apply handicraft. They do not cause grey purple discolouration on the gums, they have maximum light transmittance, that is, the places in contact with the lip are transparent. They do not cause allergic reactions and have low hot and cold conductivity. It can be applied in several tooth loss.

Wherever you go in the world, if you are going to have an E-Max crown, the material used is likely to be of the same quality. Namely, the powders of E-Max crowns have a certificate and the dental technician has a training. The aim of the E-Max material manufacturer is that this powder is used by the whole world and aesthetics are achieved. For this reason, whether the laboratory supported by the company producing this powder is in Ankara or Sydney, E-Max is E-Max and the same quality. The suitability of the price is purely economic difference.

If the filled tooth is too far back and you have to open your mouth a lot, this may cause a non-permanent but short-term pain in your jaw and inability to open your mouth. Taking a muscle relaxant and massaging your jaw with a hot towel can relieve you. There is no need to worry.

In implant surgery, bone taken from the person’s own jaw, which we call autogenous bone graft, or bone removed from the place where the implant will be inserted during implant surgery is used. However, in the procedure to be performed with bone graft, which we call bone augmentation, bone powder obtained from cow bone is generally used. The use of pig bone is not common in our country. It is not even used accidentally.

Many examinations should be performed before sinus surgery or sinus lifting surgery is performed. During these examinations, it is decided whether this surgery is suitable for the person. After this decision stage, if your sinus structure is suitable for this surgery, there is nothing to be afraid of. You can have this surgery by trusting your physician. Get well soon.

Today, it is a treatment method that is increasingly demanded by foreign patients living in European countries. It is known as Hollywood Smile because it was first applied to Hollywood artists. This method is applied to 10 upper and 10 lower teeth, and white, symmetrical teeth close to each other are made. It is applied by European artist dentists, so-called “Hairdresser Dentists”. As a result, in case the teeth are coated in a healthy way, it is shaped according to the person’s demand.

First of all, the application to be made to you should be according to your tooth structure. E-Max laminate is generally an aesthetic solution method for teeth without tooth and gum problems. Zirconium veneers are a treatment method developed to replace the missing tooth. At the same time, the aim is to repair the missing tooth or decayed tooth with an aesthetic material in a robust, durable manner. For this reason, these two treatment methods are different from each other. It is not possible to make a comparison.

It starts with the accumulation of microorganisms in the food residues, which we call plaque around the gums, causing gingivitis as a result of not brushing the teeth for a long time. It improves immediately with effective brushing. If brushing is not done, gingivitis causes inflammation of the bone around the gums and causes bleeding gums and bad breath.

The steps applied in dental filling are the same as implant surgery. The implant is completed not by driving the implant into the jawbone, but by opening a slot and placing the implant in that area like planting a bean. With the developing technique and surgical teams, the burs that open the slot in the jawbone have now developed so much that there is nothing to worry about in this regard.

After the implant is placed in the jawbone, it is waited for 2 months. The reason for this wait is that bone cells come and settle between these screws. Bone cells come between the screws at the macro level and fuse with the implant surface at the micro level. This event is called “OSTEOINTEGRATION (osteointegration)”. After osteointegration occurs, it is not possible to remove the implant from there. It is now part of the bone. But sometimes this is a 2% situation; The implant is included in reasons such as not following the postoperative rules in one way or another, smoking. The implant is not osteointegrated, that is, it does not fuse with the jaw bone, then it falls. In other words, the implant fused with the bone is not likely to fall.

Tomography, of course, facilitates the work of the surgeon. But sometimes it is possible to install an implant with a periapical film.

There is no harm in having an MRI with your implants. You only need to tell the MRI specialist that you have an implant in your mouth. With the developing technology, many MRIs are no longer affected by implants.

Implants require just as much care as your own teeth. It is possible to use your implants for a long time with regular dentist control and regular care.

Implant treatments are now the most popular applications used in the treatment of missing teeth. Since bridge applications cause the cutting of the side teeth, the possibility of problems in the cut teeth over time is high and these porcelain coatings have to be replaced every 10 years and these replacement costs tire the budget in the long term, implant treatments are tooth and budget friendly. It should be preferred for this reason.

If such patients are under the control of a doctor, there is no harm for implant application if their doctors have taken the disease under control. If the jaw of the person is suitable for the implant; In other words, this is a situation in which the doctor, dentist and patient will be evaluated as a team.

If there is too much destruction in the tooth, if it cannot be filled with traditional methods, when a more durable material is needed; It is a type of filling obtained by taking measurements with “DIGITAL MEASUREMENT TECHNIQUES” and bonding the prepared porcelain filling to the tooth.

In the traditional method, the impression was taken directly from the mouth by placing the impression material in the impression spoons. Nowadays, with 3D scanners, the measurement of the whole mouth can be taken. This gives us the opportunity to work in a developing range from orthodontics to prosthesis.

If your systemic condition is good, we recommend the implant for you. Because dry mouth causes the removable prosthesis to constantly hit your mouth. For this reason, even 2 implants will help you to use a prosthesis like a fixed prosthesis. Of course you can have them fitted.

We call the cavities formed as a result of inflammation at the bottom of the teeth cysts. Cysts are treated with Root Canal Treatment. In the worst case, they are removed and cleaned and your bone repairs that cyst cavity. If long-term cysts cannot be treated, they expand. For this reason, the cyst should be treated as soon as it is detected. When treated, it immediately loses its ability to spread or become a focal focus of infection. Do not worry.

Obviously, know that the more you are afraid, the bigger problems you will have. Believe me, even if you start brushing your teeth again, it will take you better than the situation you are in now.

Fear of the dentist is a learnt fear. Just like fear of mice. In the past, when there were no anaesthetic solutions, the dentist was really everyone’s fearful dream. Now anaesthetics have developed and are very effective, needles have become smaller, devices that clean the mouth are now very comfortable. So there is nothing to fear at the dentist.

It is possible to take impressions from the mouth thanks to a small camera placed in the mouth. The use of computer technology is essential for aesthetic smile design. For this reason, it is necessary to use digital impression techniques to make teeth in the full closure of the teeth.

If you have caries in your teeth, we recommend that the caries be filled and treated first. We always favour saving the tooth. For this reason, we think that the longer we use a tooth, the better it is.

Especially in implant prostheses, digital impression gives us a great advantage. Making the implant crown in a digital environment allows the porcelain crown to be designed to coincide with the exact gap.

The local anaesthetic applied to the gum tissue before dental anaesthesia is so effective that the possibility of painless injection by adjusting the dose of the drug with needles with a very fine tip, which we call “JET INJECTOR”, is now at the service of dentistry.

It is very important to use a soft brush and gargle with salty water after the laser gum treatment. At the same time, smoking should be completely stopped. Ozone therapy helps wound healing.

Laser peeling is very useful in the solution of purple spots. We recommend laser peeling.

We definitely do not recommend X-rays during this period. Generally, we prefer to do the treatments without X-rays and consider permanent treatments after pregnancy. However, if a film is necessary for diagnosis, a lead apron can be worn and X-rays can be taken. But it is not very preferred.

Your nutrition and oral care during this period will be of great benefit to your baby. For your dental health, you should consume foods rich in protein, vitamin A, vitamin C and calcium. The importance you give to your oral care, teeth and gum health minimises the transmission of bacteria from you to your baby in the future.

Unconscious use of medication during pregnancy is not recommended. It should be avoided absolutely. Especially antibiotics that do not contain tetracycline can be preferred when necessary. Tetracyclines cause tooth discolouration. The use of antibiotics other than this does not cause tooth discolouration, but nevertheless, no medication should be preferred during pregnancy unless it is compulsory.

The reason for bleeding gums during pregnancy is the changing hormone structure. However, if the person’s gingival bleeding is already present at the beginning of pregnancy, this problem will become much more. Nausea and vomiting also trigger bleeding gums. For this reason, it is absolutely necessary to go to the dentist and have oral care before entering pregnancy.

The choice of the paste used is one of the initial and most effective methods to protect the teeth. Accompanying the mother or father in brushing together helps to establish this habit. In addition, fissure sealent and flour applications are preventive treatment methods.

Generally, milk teeth have an intermittent structure called “Monkey Diestema”. Generally, the reason for the spacing is for the permanent tooth to be easily placed in between.

The lower permanent teeth are located inside the milk teeth. And they are crooked when they first erupt. And they are inside. With time, they come forward with the effect of the tongue. In the upper teeth, it is the opposite, they are located right in front of the milk teeth.

Do you have bleeding gums when brushing your teeth? Do you have bad breath, especially in the morning? And do you have visible gum recession? Is there any food residue between your teeth? If your teeth are shaking, you may have gum disease.

Regular use of desensitiser paste after your gum disease both protects the health of your gums and ensures that the gum recedes and the exposed root surface is covered with the minerals in the paste.

It is now known that gum problems cause many systemic disorders, from the risk of heart attack to the risk of low birth weight pregnancy. Treatment of periodontal disease protects the teeth as well as general systemic problems.

Because the body has a self-cleaning mechanism. Some people’s teeth provide this with their proper arrangement. Look at these people, they bite into an apple. And their diet is usually not carbohydrate-based. They consume plenty of water. This is very effective in the general health of the individual. In addition, the body’s teeth defence mechanism is also important in smoking, alcohol and cola consumption. This mechanism was working well in these individuals. Eating habits are also very important.

It is not possible to feel the slightest pain neither in root canal treatment nor in implant treatment. Thanks to the developing anaesthetics, it is not possible to feel the slightest pain.

If the filling is made when the tooth decay is small, it can be used for many years. However, in teeth with too much decay, the filling material cannot withstand the chewing pressure and may break. In addition, the person’s consumption of acidic foods, consumption of sticky foods to tear the filling from there always shortens the life of the filling. In cases where the filling frequently falls out, coating may be a solution.

The instruments used in dental treatment are sterilised in a type B autoclave after a series of disinfection and washing procedures. However, some instruments cannot be sterilised at all. They are disposed of using single-use. Materials such as the brush of the glass or filling adhesive, filling polishers or the sachet that takes saliva from the mouth are discarded after use.

Personalised smile design is the planning made by synthesising the person’s face, profession, tastes and dental structure. Sometimes even a filling to be made on only one tooth completely changes the smile of that person.

Because dentistry is a constantly developing technology supported by the industry. The difficulty of the old applications is that now the materials are uniform, the colour is uniform, and the porcelains made with a uniform technique are various. The colour is even chosen according to the lip colour of the person. Therefore, aesthetic applications in dentistry are various.

A dentist now has the chance to go step by step while applying to his patient. In other words, your patient who says that you want snow-white bright teeth can even be told to whiten you first. If we list the criteria for this reason;

  • Age
  • Systemic disturbance
  • Socioeconomic status
  • Gender
  • Oral hygiene
  • Co-operation with the physician
  • Time to be allocated for treatment and patient’s compliance with this time
  • Anamnesis
  • Lifestyle
  • Trust
  • The perception systems of the person are important

Laser sometimes has a pain-relieving, wound-healing effect on aphthae in one session.

Today, this durability is discussed with the developing filling technology.

Especially in periodontal treatments, the use of probiotics in multiple implant applications is very useful. After all, it helps to control the presence of aneorobic bacteria in the mouth.

It is important to use mouthwashes on the day recommended by your physician in order to protect your oral flora. Unconscious use of mouthwashes for a long time causes loss of beneficial microorganisms in the mouth. For this reason, consult your physician about the amount of use.

Sage tea and green tea are very useful with their antibacterial effects. They help disinfection in the mouth. When drinking sage tea, which we will prepare in brewing method, passing it between the teeth is a method recommended by the lokman physician.

Yes, peanuts prevent tooth decay with calcium and phosphate contained in it. It strengthens the saliva structure. It prevents the negative effects of caries-causing foods with the minerals it contains. You can feed it to your children as a snack.

Gum recession is not an untreatable condition. Gingival recession should be evaluated by a periodontologist and personalised treatment planning should be made. This treatment may sometimes aim to stop the further progression of recession, sometimes to stop and sometimes to reverse gingival recession. This process should definitely be managed by a specialist.

It is inevitable to see bone loss in tooth extraction areas that have been lost a long time ago. But it is not unsolvable. It is possible to evaluate the area with various radiographic methods and treat it with the appropriate bone augmentation technique. In some cases, bone augmentation and implant are performed at the same stage, in some cases, bone augmentation is performed first followed by implant.

All kinds of inflammatory conditions in the mouth, decayed teeth, the presence of tartar are among the conditions that make it difficult to control diabetes and sometimes even cause it to get out of control alone. A person with diabetes must be under routine dentist control. All gums of a diabetic patient who has not had tartar cleaning for a long time are edematous and bleeding. It means that there is a wound area the size of the person’s own palm. In this case, it makes it impossible to control diabetes absolutely.

Modern devices used in scaling are not capable of scratching the enamel of the tooth. In order to cut the tooth enamel, a device that can only cut a diamond is required because the tooth enamel is of diamond quality. Dental calculus is quite soft compared to tooth enamel. It can only be cleaned with a cavitron (stone cleaning device). Cavitron never scratches the tooth enamel.

Composite laminates are MINIMALLY INVASIVE applications applied directly on the tooth without cutting the tooth enamel. Composite laminates can break if they are prepared too thick, that is, if they are made thicker than the application limit. In addition, the front teeth can be broken in individuals whose back teeth are very worn or in people with deficiencies in the back teeth. A well-made and well-polished composite laminate can be used for 5-10 years. Checking every 6 months and polishing every 6 months prolongs the life of the laminates.

When using laminates, pastes should not contain abrasives. Because composite laminates are scratched with abrasive.

In addition, using a night plate in people who grind teeth both protects the existing tooth and prolongs the life of the laminates.

Tooth brushing is of course an indispensable part of oral care. Even after laminate applications, tooth brushing, which is the basis of dental care, should not be neglected. Teeth should be brushed regularly 3 times a day from gums to teeth. Interface cleaning is also very important. For flossing, special dental flosses should be preferred for laminates. Waxed dental floss prevents getting stuck in between. The mouth shower adds control to the interface cleaning. Laminates provide both cleaning and prevent irritation. The paste used for cleaning the laminates should not contain granules. Because abrasive granules scratch composite laminates. It also erodes the adhesion boundary of porcelain laminates. It is also essential to use night plaque.

Nowadays, when bonding technologies have developed, composites are bonded on the tooth without any cutting on the tooth enamel. Therefore, there is no need for any pulling and abrasion on the tooth in composite laminate application.

This is the most common reason for composite laminates to break. Because our teeth wear 0.1 mm every year. Teeth rub against each other during chewing and eating. In today’s world, where teeth grinding increases and consumption of acidic foods and beverages increases, tooth wear is more common than before. For this reason, while our natural teeth wear out, the composite layer on the natural teeth is broken by accompanying this wear.

It is impossible for fully adapted porcelain veneers to cause odour in the mouth. The cause of the odour is neglect of oral care. Porcelain veneers decay in a mouth that is not well cared for. The consumption of carbohydrate foods and the resulting lack of oral care cause bad breath, which also means caries and gum problems for patients. In other words, when the original tooth of the person or the veneer tooth is not well cared for and hygiene rules are not followed, the bacterial environment in the mouth causes bad breath.

Porcelain veneers imitate the main tooth in terms of appearance, structure and hardness. But it is different from the main tooth. No treatment can replace the main tooth. For this reason, it is the law of medicine to protect the main teeth as much as possible. But in one way or another, it is necessary to make porcelain veneers to protect the tooth or to protect the oral structure. In this case, porcelain veneers can become more comfortable and even very comfortable teeth compared to broken, worn, even tongue-sticking or aching teeth. An intact porcelain veneer made in place of a constantly broken tooth, where half of the tooth is missing, is extremely comfortable for the patient.

If you have such a fear, you can guide your dentist by taking plenty of photos during the period when you use your temporary teeth. Another solution is to temporarily use your zirconium crowns in the mouth for a while. But in any case, it takes 2 months for a tooth to have a natural appearance. Because when the surrounding tissues adapt to the tooth structure, the natural appearance is revealed spontaneously. For this reason, it is necessary to be patient, to trust your physician and to make sure that your wishes are fully understood first by you and then by your physician. After all, if a tooth is made, the fact that this tooth is liked by you makes your dentist happy and dental treatment requires teamwork.

When there is no opportunity to brush your teeth, gargling with plenty of water is the best solution. Even when drinking water, it is necessary to drink it by passing it between the teeth as if gargling the mouthwash first. The use of chewing gum also cleans the teeth. There are chewing gums that do not stick to the teeth in the market. If you have a gum problem where brushing must be done, we recommend pocket brushes. Although they do not have an ideal structure, you can clean your mouth by brushing without paste.

Because our aim in composite laminates is to create a natural appearance and for this we shape the laminates according to your facial structure. So the Golden Ratio. When there is a design in accordance with the Golden Ratio, this is not strange to anyone. It is even very natural. Because our eye perceives beauty according to the Golden Ratio. So if something is in accordance with the Golden Ratio, it seems beautiful and aesthetic to us. This is the biggest reason why composite laminates are not understood by anyone else. Bringing a worn or spaced tooth to a natural, natural position. The secret is the Golden Ratio. Another secret is that composite is a material that mimics the natural structure of the tooth, that is, it is light permeable. It is extremely light transmitting and its contact with the gum is natural.

Many people think that snoring occurs with age or weight gain. However, tooth wear causes the tongue to stand out more. Namely, teeth are a skeletal system that supports many breathing organs including our tongue. When the teeth wear out, the tongue starts to fit in the mouth and for this reason, there is more wear by opening between the front teeth. As the wear increases, the tongue comes forward more and the wear increases.

Vertical dimension raising treatments, raising the abruptly worn teeth with fillings or inlays reduces or even completely eliminates snoring.

The cost of composite laminate is the same price as veneers and the advantage of composite laminate is that there is no cutting on the teeth.

The most important criterion in composite lamina studies is to make composite lamina for the appropriate case. In other words, in order for a composite laminate application to be used by the patient for many years, appropriate treatment must be performed for the appropriate case. In a post-attachment and bonding treatment, there are some rules that our patients will follow when using the laminates. When these rules are followed, our patients can use their laminates with a beautiful appearance for many years. Problems that may occur outside of this are treated under warranty. The most important guarantee of composite laminates is regular checks every 6 months. These regular checks prolong the life of the laminae and ensure that the brightness and beauty of the first day is preserved.

There is no pain during composite laminates, there is no needle application.

It is not possible for composite laminates to cause odour as long as normal oral care is performed. In fact, composite laminates are applications made only on the front surface of the tooth without extending over the gum intervals. Therefore, it is not possible to cause odour and gum problems.

Composite laminates should also be seen as the beginning of dental aesthetic applications. After all, these applications, which are made by preserving the original tooth without making any cuts in the tooth, also form the person’s perspective on dental aesthetics. Later, when there is a desire to change facial aesthetics, it becomes the first step towards more different aesthetic applications. Every application covering Face Changing Dentistry; orthodontic treatment, porcelain veneers, E-max veneers, all types of veneers, composite lamina can be performed on the tooth.

If there is an odour coming from under the veneer, especially after eating sweets, if there is pain in the tooth that starts for 1-2 seconds and continues, there is a high probability of caries under the veneer. In such a case, your dentist should perform an X-ray control to determine whether there is decay under the veneer. In addition to x-ray control (because sometimes caries may not be visible on x-ray), he can remove the crown and look under it.

If the decay under the veneer is at the border of the veneer and the veneer is old, it is necessary to replace it one hundred per cent.

Teeth are like an instrument. It is used by the muscle tissue around it while speaking. For this reason, the muscles in contact with the teeth contract and sag when the teeth wear out, so the wear of the teeth causes sagging of the face and consequently wrinkling.

Think of composite laminates just like your normal teeth, your normal teeth turn yellow when you drink tea and coffee. Composites become coloured and even yellow from the tea and coffee drunk over time. The reason for the yellowing is completely the tea and coffee drunk.  So, how are normal teeth cleaned when this discolouration is cleaned? In composites, it is cleaned and shines with the cleaning process called polyurea. Whatever the colour used when the composite is made, that colour preserves itself in the same way, that is, it does not change colour. White composites remain white, they do not change colour in the same way, they only get dirty. Even if the tooth is contaminated, it is cleaned even if it is a composite laminate.

People’s perception systems are different. Some people are auditory, some are visual and some are tactile. Tactile people feel a difference when their teeth are inserted compared to those with other perception systems. This feeling is really intense for 48 hours. The contact of the tooth feels different, but don’t worry, it is supported by the body’s perception system, that is, the body’s system of adapting to something. Our tongue, like a scanner, scans our teeth one by one and registers it as a part of the body and not as a foreign object. If there is no height or roughness in the tooth, this situation is mostly acclimatised in 48 hours, but if there is a roughness in the tooth, please come to have it corrected.

A well-cared for veneer can be used comfortably for 10-15 years. At the end of this use, if there is no gum recession and any problem in the mouth, use can be continued. There are veneers used for 20-25 years. In this use, in addition to the clean care of the patients, their systemic conditions, that is, their general health, are also very important.

Of course, composite laminae that have completed their use can be renewed when their use is completed. Sometimes it is possible to completely remove the old composite laminae and sometimes it is possible to leave some of them and make composite laminae on top of them again.

Flossing between the teeth is a must. There are many dental flosses produced for this reason. Since intervals are left between composite laminates as between normal teeth, it is possible to floss in these areas. According to the comfort of use, you can easily use a type of dental floss that you prefer and can use comfortably in that area.

Application is not preferred in individuals with excessive caries and poor hygiene. In addition, veneers may be preferred in teeth with damaged enamel structure and excessive indentation.

Gum care and brushing are very important in applications performed at the gum line. Since composite laminates are not inserted into the gum process, it is not possible to cause any damage to the gums.

There is no situation that will break the fast in applications performed without anaesthesia during dental treatment. Especially considering the necessity of not eating for a while after the treatments, it may be wise to have these applications done during Ramadan. Having anaesthetised applications done before Ramadan and coinciding the rehearsal and insertion parts of the teeth during Ramadan can make the treatment process comfortable.

Of course, the cost of dental treatment varies according to the treatment and the material used. For this reason, the most economical treatment is regular tooth brushing and treatment when the problems are very small. While a simple filling is enough for a tooth at the beginning, if neglected, this small problem can go up to extraction and implant. These are also expensive procedures.

For the front teeth, we can see the cracks in the object by changing the direction of the light in the light. Crack detection in the back teeth can be done by the physician.

Yes, if the position of your teeth and the new tooth appearance you want to have is suitable for this, of course it is possible to cut the teeth.

Regular brushing is usually sufficient for healthy teeth and gums.

Traditional toothbrushes provide much better brush control, and an electric toothbrush creates a whirlpool effect.

The best way to get rid of bad breath is to brush the tongue.

They are coatings placed on the tooth after a procedure to strengthen and support the tooth.

You can use your implant for many years with regular care and regular check-ups. In the meantime, it is necessary to pay attention to smoking and general health.

Anaesthetics applied during implant surgery ensure that this procedure is painless. Painkillers to be applied afterwards ensure that the implant procedure is as painless as possible.

Dental implants are permanently fixed to the jawbone and can be used for a lifetime, while dentures need to be removed regularly.

When the examination of the person who will undergo teeth whitening is done well, if your teeth are suitable for this whitening process, no side effects will occur.

When you pay attention to the care of your teeth, when you brush regularly and pay attention to smoking and tea consumption, your teeth whitening will be permanent for a long time.

The paste determined according to the needs of your mouth is the best for you. If your teeth need whitening, you should use a desensitiser if they are sensitive.

After the tooth is prepared, the crowns prepared by the technician are placed on the tooth with special adhesives.

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