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What is Implant Over Bar Prosthesis?

It is a type of prosthesis that we apply in cases of complete toothlessness, which is prepared like traditional palate prostheses and provides retention with the help of a metal bar prepared on the implants placed in the jaw bone.

Who is Implant Over Bar Prosthesis applied to?

It is applied to our patients who have no teeth in their mouths in order to enable them to eat comfortably.

How is Implant Over Bar Prosthesis applied?

After completing the intraoral examination and radiographic examinations of our patients, we complete our implant planning. Then, the implants are placed in the jaw bone in a completely sterile environment. Then, the process of the implants fusing with the bone is waited. During this process, we quickly prepare a temporary removable prosthesis for our patients and enable them not to go through this process without teeth. At the end of the process of fusion with the bone, the implants are measured and the production of the real prosthesis is started. After the measurement stage, the closure record is taken, the final state of the teeth is seen in the mouth and the final adjustments are made, the prosthesis is completed.

What do we aim in the treatment with bar prostheses?

As in palate prostheses, we aim to replace not only the teeth lost by our patients, but also the bone tissue, soft tissue and lip support lost with the teeth. We aim to make a much more advanced prosthesis and provide more effective retention by providing retention with the metal structure supported by implants, compared to traditional palate prostheses.

How should bar prostheses be maintained?

We can consider bar prostheses in two parts as the metal bar in the mouth and the removable part. After meals, the movable part must be removed from the mouth and gently cleaned. The prosthesis should be brushed with a soft toothbrush or a denture brush without toothpaste. The important factor to consider in these prostheses is not to damage the retaining parts in the inner part of our movable prosthesis. The toothpastes we use for our teeth in daily life are abrasive for the prosthesis surfaces and can cause scratches. After the brushing process, the prosthesis should be thoroughly rinsed with running water. For daily prosthesis cleaning, you should put your dental prosthesis and 1 denture cleaning tablet in a cup of warm water. The water in the cup should be enough to cover the prosthesis. Cleaning tablets are sufficient to use 2-3 nights a week. Other than that, it is enough to let the prostheses soak in water at night.

We need to clean the bar structure remaining in the mouth with a toothbrush and dental floss used for bridges after every meal. Since the bar structure can cause excessive food retention, those areas should be cleaned with extra care. The use of mouth showers can be useful in this sense.