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About DT İrem Sena Divanlıoğlu

İrem Sena Divanlıoğlu was born in 1997 in Elazığ. She completed her primary and secondary education at Tarhuncu Ahmet Paşa Primary School and her high school education at Fethiye Kemal Mumcu Anatolian High School. She started her education at Ankara University Faculty of Dentistry in 2014 and completed it in 2019.

During her university education, she participated in national and international congresses and seminars. Her respect for profession and her patients enabled her to take post-graduate courses in addition to her undergraduate education. She made her first private clinical studies mainly on root canal treatments and composite fillings, and was interested in different cutting methods and different materials for various restorations in terms of prosthesis. After the aesthetic fillings she made in the back teeth, she started to turn to the field of “Smile Design” (smile design/aesthetics). She is currently taking training in aesthetic and digital dentistry and developing herself in this direction. She aims to provide a world-class health service to her patients with dental treatments that will be completed in one day within the “same day dentistry” by providing full integration with digital dentistry.

Since the first patient she examined, she has worked with the aim of maximizing the protection of the natural biological structure and replacing the lost tissues in the closest way to the original. Since she wants to be more sensitive in this direction, she continues her clinical studies with loupe and occasionally microscope magnification.

Immediately after graduation, she worked on the dental phobia, received a six-month hypnosis training in order to better understand the patient and human psychology, and to make her patients feel more comfortable and as a result, she received the title of “Hypnosis Practitioner” approved by the Ministry of Health. Apart from this, the vocational courses, congresses and seminars she attended are as follows: Direct aesthetic restorations of diastemas, Conservative canal widening with new generation rotary files and the language of Apex locators, Fixed prostheses on implants from planning to finishing, Implant fixed and removable prostheses for fully edentulous fillings, Implantology planning and practical solutions, Botox and dermal filler training, ADO 3rd student Symposium. 11th TDB national student congress, Başkent University 3rd national student congress, TDB 24th International dentistry congress, hypnotic communication seminar in dentistry, İZDO 26th and 27th International scientific congress and seminar.

She has tried many hobbies since the day she entered the university socially, and she has been actively interested in tango since 2015 and snowboarding since 2018. She has set herself the goal of being a good reader and enjoys reading world classics, books on personal development and psychology, apart from books on dentistry. In addition, she works to be active in associations and organizations and to take part in social responsibility projects. She is currently a member of the Aesthetic Dentists Academy Association (EDAD).