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Dental Estetik Center / Dentist In Turkey

Dental Estetik Center was founded in 1993 by Dt.Güzin KÖSEDAĞ KIRSAÇLIOĞLU.

While, at first, the Center was a boutique clinic mainly conducting esthetical dental treatments, it is, in our present day, an international dental clinic, serving in all branches of dentistry, with its highly-qualified personnel consisting of specialist dentists, dental technicians and assistants, and certifying its services through international patents.

As the Dental Estetik Center family, we have, since 1993, designed smiles for thousands of our patients, both native and foreign. We have treated their teeth loss and eliminated problems pertaining to oral and dental health. We have rendered our treatments durable for many years through our patients’ cooperation and our control techniques.

Our approach towards our patients has always been holistic. We have respected the integrity of the soul and the body. Aware of the impact of oral and dental health on the overall health of the body, we have applied multidisciplinary methods.

While appealing to our patients’ teeth and souls, we have written extensively on oral and dental health and informed the general public through various domestic and foreign media, as well as the social media. Through courses and training sessions, we have shared our knowledge and experience with our colleagues, thereby functioning like an academy.

Dental Estetik Center is, in fact, a dental hospital, owing to its state-of-the-art dentist chairs, its radiology, sterilization and laboratory units, and its photography studio where our patients’ magnificent smiles are initiated. At the same time, the concept of the boutique clinic is still carried out by means of the generational continuity of our patients who, since 1993, have been a part of our clinic.

While carrying out treatments close to nature and the natural, the only thing we imitate is, again, nature itself.