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What is sutureless implant application?

In implant applications, the area is surgically opened for the placement of the implant, and the implant is placed after the area is closed with stitches. Thanks to the developing imaging methods and precise production techniques, we are able to perform implant applications without opening the area surgically in suitable cases.

How is sutureless implant treatment applied?

In this treatment protocol, a 3D model of the bone is created using our patients’ intraoral scans and 3D imaging of the bone. Then, these data are stitched together in a digital environment and we prepare a custom surgical plate for our patients. Thanks to this plate, which guides us during implant operations, the procedure is completed by opening the implant socket and placing the implant without the need to open the area surgically.

What is the advantage of sutureless implant application over the traditional method?

The healing process is much easier because the area is not opened digitally. Pain and swelling that can be seen after the operation are almost never seen.

In addition, thanks to the planning made according to the 3D shape of the bone, the implants are placed in the ideal position.

Who can have sutureless implant application?

We can apply it to all of our patients who do not need to make any adjustments to the bone tissue and who do not have any obstacles to implant placement in their general health condition.

What should we pay attention to after sutureless implant application?

We place a sterile sponge as a tampon in the area after the operation to control bleeding in that area. You should bite the sponge we have placed for 30 minutes. Do not use any other product instead of the tampon. Especially using materials such as cotton and tissue can cause bleeding and infection.

You should not spit or rinse your mouth throughout the day to prevent bleeding after implant application. You should try to avoid hot and acidic drinks on the day of the procedure. If you smoke, it is very important that you do not smoke especially in the first three days for the healthy healing of the area.

Do not eat or drink anything for at least 2 hours after the operation. Do not use the side where the implant is applied while chewing food. You should stay away from alcohol for 48 hours after the implant operation.

You should use the medications in the prescription we wrote by following all the recommendations. You should avoid taking a hot shower and exercising on the day of the operation.

Do not poke the implant site with your finger or toothpicks.

Keeping the area clean is very important for the problem-free occurrence of healing. The area should be brushed gently after the first day and the recommended mouthwashes should be used.